CDC Mask Update

President Biden Talks Up Benefits of Vaccines After New Mask Guidance

By Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA CMP®

It is time to practice smiling with your teeth again, because the CDC just updated its mask-wearing guidance yesterday from “mostly always” to “mostly just inside.” The agency said that fully vaccinated folks can do the following activities sans masks:

  • Dine outside with non-roommates
  • Go on walks, hikes, or bike rides alone or with household members
  • Attend small, outdoor events, even if some attendees haven’t been vaccinated.

Why now?

29% of Americans are fully vaccinated, and almost 43% have received 1+ dose. Plus, researchers’ understanding of Covid-19 has come a long way since every Amazon package was treated like an Area 51 special delivery, and public health experts say it’s rare for the virus to spread outdoors.

Chenue Her's tweet - "Helpful and easy to follow graphic from the CDC on  the new mask and vaccination guidelines. " - Trendsmap

MIT Experts Speak:

Vaccines Need a Marketing Refresh

The pace of vaccinations has slowed down in the US, and the Biden administration hopes that FOMO from seeing vaccinated friends tandem-biking (as friends do) will spur the un-jabbed to act.

Assessment: In the words of President Biden, “For those who haven’t gotten their vaccine yet…this is another great reason to go get vaccinated now.”

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