Inflated Fears of “Rigged” Markets and Hyperinflation

[By Rick Kahler CFP®]

BIO: Rick Kahler resides in Rapid City, South Dakota and is a fee-only financial planner.

MORE: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/personalfinance/is-inflation-about-to-trash-your-investments/ar-BB1fZg72

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EDITOR’S NOTE: It has been a few years since I spoke with my colleague Rick. But, I read his newsletters and blog regularly and suggest all ME-P readers do the same.

Dr. David E. Marcinko; MBA



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Congress Ignores Doctor Shortages?

Medicare-Funded Residency Positions

Bonner Cohen | DeSmog

[By Bonner R. Cohen]

Congress bypassed an opportunity in recently enacted COVID-19 relief bills to significantly increase the number of Medicare-funded residency positions at hospitals.

In the last package, which amounted to $1.4 trillion in government spending and was signed by President Trump on December 31, lawmakers set aside $120 million for 1,000 new physician training slots over the next five years. There was a more ambitious bill on the table that would have added 15,000 residencies over the next five years, but it failed to make it into the giant year-end coronavirus relief package.

“The increase of 1,000 slots is a good first step but a far cry from what is needed,” said David Balat, director of the Right on Health initiative at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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