Doctors and Financial Advisors “Working 9 to 5”

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What an “Old” Way to Make a Living

[Challenging the Current Business Process Model and Scheduling Paradigm]

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko FACFAS MBA CMP™


First off – my apologies to Dolly Parton for bastardizing the title of her song

My dad worked for General Motors; the 11-PM to 7-AM shift to be precise. The company ran 3 shifts [8hr. X 3da. = 24 hrs / day / 7 days / week]. He was always home during the day for his children. In fact, it seemed as though he never slept. My mom worked the 9-AM to 5-PM  shift / 5 days / week as a banker. What a great arrangement; loving parental child care 24/7/365.

Then, after my own medical school, internship, residency training, fellowship, clinical practice and business school, I often wondered why corporate America and her white collar workers used the 9-5 work day paradigm and not the traditional blue collar 3 shift [24/7/375] manufacturing model – like  GM?


With a 24/7/365 work day schedule [3 shifts/day], fixed office costs would remain the same, while variable costs would increase slightly but be compensated for by increased revenues, less HR stress, fewer utilities and reduced private and public infra-structure maintenance, etc [old styled B-school pedagogy]. This would increase operating capacity and output [patient/client output, CPT® codes, hourly fees, AUMs, etc]. You know – real top line revenue and bottom line profits. And, that’s a good thing for business and commerce.

But, is this 3 shift model applicable to the healthcare industrial complex and the financial services industry? If not – why not? And, I mean real work – examining and treating patients and interviewing clients – not automatic websites or interactive blogs, etc. Doctors, consultants and FAs actually interacting with real folks; not avatars!

An Old but Novel Idea?

As a medical business process consultant, my simple idea is more than two decades old. Yet, it remains largely untested and still considered novel … Perhaps until now! Offering extended hours is one way that physicians – can position themselves for the changes coming in the new healthcare era. How else will we accomodate 34 million new Medicaid insured patients.

In fact, so should financial advisors and medical management consultants. Shoot, why can’t most professionals use this model. Why be constrained to person, place and time [3-Dimensions]?

The Decision

This decision, however, should not be taken lightly and should be evaluated both from a provider, patient, civics, cultural and business standpoint. So, please read this essay for an elegant description of this model.

Then, our ME-P text books can be used to go granular into the nitty-gritty details; with real-life tools, templates, case models and checklists, etc.


Link: Ready to offer extended patient hours?

Link: New Medical Practice Entrepreneurial Business Rules for Young Physicians [circa 2012]


Your thoughts and comments on this ME-P are appreciated. Colleagues – when not if – are you going 24/5 … or 6 … or 7?

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