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Personnel costs continue to be the highest expense item for most medical, dental and other practices.

The Health Care Group’s® 2009 Staff Salary Survey is designed to help you structure an effective staff compensation package that will benefit your medical practice or clinic.

Published annually, the 2009 Staff Salary Survey provides salary and fringe benefit information for 38 different job positions:

  • Compare the salaries your practice is paying its staff members.
  • Establish salary classes.
  • Learn the market rate of pay for new hires. 
  • Evaluate your practice’s benefit package.

To make the search for location-specific information easier, the summary reports for each position are organized by Geographic Region and Metropolitan Statistical Area. They are also presented by Practice Specialty and by Practice Gross Revenue.

Link: www.healthcaregroup.com

Multi Use Potential

The information in the Staff Salary Survey can be put to a wide range of uses, such as comparing your practice’s salary amounts and benefits to the national and regional averages in the Survey. These data are also vital to benchmarking salary and pay-related expenses in a medical, dental or other practice.

Economic Trend Analysis

Data can also be used for trend analysis. Despite tightening reimbursements and continuing overall economic stagnation in health care, practices still need to reward good workers by giving raises to employees who warrant them. A productive and motivated staff is a practice’s best investment. Some practices recognize the need to raise salaries higher than the “average” increase. Because it is a “seller’s market” with respect to qualified and experienced employees in many regions of the country, both initial salaries and annual increases may need to be higher to attract and retain staff.

Fringe Benefits

Medical, dental and other practices continue to provide good fringe benefits for full-time and regular part-time employees. With so many practices needing a mix of full-time and part-time employees, providing benefits to regularly scheduled part-time staff is essential.


Personnel costs continue to be a significant expense item for most practices. The Health Care Group’s 2009 Staff Salary Survey is designed to help you structure an effective and fair staff compensation package that will benefit your practice and employees. Click below to view the Table of Contents for the 2009 Staff Salary Survey:

Link: http://thehealthcaregroup.com/TOC/2009SSSTOC.pdf

To Order

Choose one of the following methods to order the 2009 Staff Salary Survey:

1. Online: direct link


2. Telephone: (800) 473-0032, extension 3350 (have your credit card information available)

3. Mail: Send completed Publication Order Form to:

140 W. Germantown Pike, Suite 200
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4. Fax: Fax completed Publication Order Form to: (610) 828-3658

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