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Our Print Mission Statement

[By Dr. David Edward Marcinko; MBA, CMP™]


dem25As Editor-in-Chief of a two volume – 1,200 pages – premium quarterly print journal, I am often asked about our mission statement; or the journal’s raison d’etra.

A Two-Volume Guide

As so, Healthcare Organizations: [Financial Management Strategies], with its quarterly updates, will promote and integrate academic and applied research, and serve as a multi-disciplined communications forum for the dissemination of financial, managerial, business and related economic information to decision makers in hospitals, outpatient centers, clinics, medical practices and all mature and emerging healthcare organizations. 

Target Market and Ideal Reader

Healthcare Organizations [Financial Management Strategies] and its quarterly updates should be in the hands of all:

* CFOs, CEOs, COOs, CTOs, VPs and CIOs from every type of hospital and healthcare organization including: public, federal, state, Veteran’s Administration and Indian Health Services hospitals; district, rural, long-term care and community hospitals; specialty, children’s and rehabilitation hospitals; diagnostic imaging centers and laboratories; private, religious-sponsored, and psychiatric institutions.

*  Physician Hospital Organizations, Management Services Organizations (MSOs), Independent Practice Associations (IPAs), Group Practices Without Walls (GPWWs), Integrated Delivery Systems (IDSs) and their administrators, comptrollers, cost accountants, budget directors, cash managers, auditors, healthcare attorneys and consultants,  and actuaries, and all endowment fund directors, executives, consultants and strategic financial managers.

*  Ambulatory care centers, hospices, and outpatient clinics; skilled nursing facilities, integrated networks and group practices; academic medical centers, nurses and physician executives; business school and health administration students, and all economic decision-makers and directors of allopathic, dental, podiatric and osteopathic healthcare organizations.


After publication, my suggestion is to read, study and act upon the guide in this way:

1. First, browse through the entire text.

2. Next, slowly read those chapters and sections that are of specific interest to your professional efforts.

3. Then, extrapolate portions that can be implemented in specific strategies helpful to your healthcare setting.

4. Finally, use its’ ME-P updates as a reference manual to return to time and time again; and enjoy!


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