PODCAST: Corporate Practice of Medicine Laws

Dictate Doctors Cannot Work for Corporations?

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These Laws Were Put Into Place So Doctors Would Not Put Shareholders Before Patients and So Corporations Would Not Interfere with Doctor Judgement.

Corporate Practice of Medicine Laws are at the State-Level, NOT the Federal Level.

Each State Has Their Own Exceptions Such as 1) Doctors Can Work for Companies That Are Owned by Other Doctors and 2) Doctors Can Work for Hospitals.

However, Private Equity Firms Have Been on a Physician Practice Buying Binge.

Private Equity Firms Bought 355 Physician Practices from 2013 – 2016.

Two of the Largest Purchases Were KKR‘s Purchase of Envision’s 25,000 Doctors for Almost $10 Billion and Blackstone‘s Purchase of Team Health’s 20,000 Doctors for $6 Billion.

QUERY: If Corporate Practice of Medicine Laws Say that Doctors Cannot Work for a Corporation, How are Private Equity Purchases of Physician Practices Legal?

This Video by Colleague Eric Bricker MD Explains

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