The Medical Practice Business Plan EXECUTIVE SUMMARY?


By Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA CMP®


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Physician Executive Summary

The Physician Executive Summary is always included at the beginning of a formal business plan and represents a brief synopsis of the medical prarctice entire plan.  Its appearance, grammar and style should be sharp and crisp as it represents an enticement for the reader to maintain interest and contribute intelligent or economic input into the new venture.

It should contain information about the practice, advertising and marketing opportunities, physician management, proposed financing with four Pro Forma financial statements, business operations and exit strategy.  This last point, while unpleasant is often overlooked by naive practitioners.  Business experts however, look favorably upon an escape plan and view it as the mark of mature professional that realizes the possibility of success as well as failure. 


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Ultimately, the plan must explain to potential investors how you will make the practice   profitable and produce the required Return on Investment (ROI) for them.  It must describe medical services, patient acceptance and benefits, provider qualifications and accomplishments, the amount of capital required, market size, potential practice growth rate, and market niche. 

Additional information may include office location, proximity to labor, transportation, license requirements, business entity status, proprietary technology and potential working agreements with various insurance, managed care, ACA and HMO plans.  If all of the above seems bewildering to the uninitiated, you are correct. 

Remember however, that if you do not have, or can’t borrow the funds to begin a private practice, you will just have to become an employed practitioner until you can.  It is therefore imperative to start off on the right foot, with a sound business plan, as you begin your medical career.


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Understanding Health Insurance Plan Coverage [A Video]

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