CELEBRATE: World Family Doctor Day 2023

By Staff Reporters



Today is World Family Doctor Day—and the US needs more family doctors. By 2026, 21% of family medicine and other primary care physicians will have reached retirement age, while demand for primary care is expected to grow 4%.

World Family Doctor Day is on May 19th every year. Founded by the World Organization of Family Doctors (W.O.N.C.A.) in 2010, World Family Doctor Day has now grown into a global celebration of the importance of family doctors in health care. Taking part in this event is a great way to show appreciation for the important role family medicine plays in providing patients with individualized, comprehensive, and long-term health care. Family doctors around the world have made significant contributions to medicine — now is the time to recognize that. It’s also a moment to recognize the advancements in family medicine and the unique efforts of primary care teams worldwide.

So we, at the ME-P, hope all the family doctors take time to relax from their busy schedules and enjoy the springtime blooms as we trust those April showers brought lots of May flowers.



Thank You


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