Gifts that Violate the FCA Anti-kickback Statute


By Staff Reporters



Much like the False Claims Act, the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) remains a frequent tool used by the Department of Justice to investigate the healthcare industry. Unlike the False Claims Act, the AKS imposes criminal penalties on violators.



The leaders of a physicians’ practice may be held liable for what others in the practice do, even if the leader did not know precisely what was going on. It has been called the “crime of doing nothing.”

1. Providing free dinners or lunches to physicians

2. Travel expenses paid to physicians

3. Entering into consulting or research agreements with physicians under which payments are made but minimal (or zero) work is done in return

4. Other gifts, such as electronics or tickets to sporting events 

5. Laboratory pays a specimen processing fee to physicians above the fair value for those fees

6. Physician retention or recruitment agreements, when those agreements provide for payments above fair market value or are made with the intent to induce Medicare referrals

7. Agreements for speaking or teaching where the payments are above fair market value or made with the intent to induce referrals

8. Discount schemes that do not meet the safe harbor requirements

Source: Sara Kropf and Logan Lutton, Physicans Practice






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