DAILY UPDATE: The WHO Calls for Radiology Readiness and Bonds Sell-Off

By Staff Reporters



A new World Health Organization (WHO) report calling for an increased global preparedness for radiological and nuclear emergencies doesn’t spell out any particular current conflict, but it doesn’t need to. The world has become fully aware of the increased dangers of radiological and nuclear threats.

  • The World Health Organization’s updated list of critical medicines puts a focus on radiological and nuclear emergencies.
  • The WHO says governments need to have treatments available for citizens exposed to radiation.
  • New formulas developed in the last decade have, in part, prompted the updated guidelines from WHO.

In the just-issued report, the WHO updated its list of medicines that governments should stockpile for these types of emergencies, including medicines that “either prevent or reduce exposure to radiation or treat injuries once exposure has occurred.”


Finally, a major sell-off in bonds sent Treasury yields higher, making stocks less attractive to investors. Last week, the major US stock indexes posted their biggest weekly losses of the year.

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