Confidence in the caliber of the American health system has never been lower





More than one in five adults (21%) living in the US now rate the country’s healthcare as “poor” quality—a record high, according to Gallup’s annual health and healthcare poll.

Less than half of all respondents (48%) surveyed in 2022 said they’d rank the quality of healthcare in the US as “excellent/good”—a new low since Gallup began tracking the issue in 2001. (That’s down from 50% in 2021 and a record high of 62% in 2010 and 2012.) About a third (31%), meanwhile, said they’d rate the quality of US healthcare as “only fair,” a slight drop from 35% in 2021.

Gallup partially attributed the drop in perceived quality to politics, noting that “Republicans’ positive ratings have been subdued since President Donald Trump left office.” Other likely factors, the organization offered, could be “changes to healthcare that have taken place amid the Covid-19 pandemic or curtailed access to abortion since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision.”

Survey Reports:

  • Respondents reported a rosier take on the care they personally receive. Over 70% rated it as “excellent/good” compared to 6% who rated it as “poor.” But that high “excellent/good” mark is still down from 76% in 2021 and 82% in 2020.
  • Costs remained a point of contention in 2022. Less than a quarter (24%) of respondents said they were “satisfied” with the total cost of healthcare in the US, and this proportion is on par with rates from the past two decades. But only 56% of those surveyed reported being satisfied with the total cost they pay for care—the lowest level since 2016.
  • One in five respondents think the US healthcare system is in a “state of crisis” (20%) or has “major problems” (48%).

EDITOR’S NOTE: As a former CPHQ [Certified Physician in Healthcare Quality], I find this report alarming and confusing – David EdwardMarcinko MBA CMP

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