DAILY UPDATE: Weekending Stock Markets and Motorsport Games Week

By Staff Reporters



Stocks ended the week subdued when a red-hot jobs report once again got investors biting their nails over what the Fed will do next—though the S&P and NASDAQ both eked out positive weeks. The tech stock rally started losing steam after several big companies reported disappointing quarterly results, with Amazon being the one investors cooled on most.

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More specifically, racing game publisher Motorsport Games (NASDAQ:MSGM) is seeing more volatility, tumbling 24.2% Friday after announcing a $4M at-the-market offering. The company entered a definitive agreement to issue and sell 232,188 shares of its class A common stock at $17.39 per share. The stock has slid $5.46 to trade at $17.50. The closing of this new offering is set for on or around February 7th with H.C. Wainwright & Co. acting as exclusive placement agent. Gross proceeds will be about $4.03M, which Motorsport Games will put toward development of multiple games, working capital and general purposes.

Still, it was the most eventful week for the stock in many months. On Monday it launched a debt-for-equity exchange to shore up its balance sheet, sending the stock lower by 8.7%. After regaining full compliance with Nasdaq listing rules, the stock jumped 714% Tuesday, moving from $2.63 a share to $21.40. After moving up another 73% Wednesday, the company then moved to convert all remaining debt in a new debt-for-equity exchange, and the stock fell 38% Thursday. Before Friday’s decline, the stock moved up an aggregate 482% in five days.


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