PHARMACISTS: Retail Burnout Shortage?

By Staff Reporters



DEFINITION: Retail pharmacist work in a retail setting rather than in a hospital. They are responsible for dispensing and controlling both prescription and non-prescription medicine, advising customers on general healthcare and must work to high legal and ethical guidelines.


Today, retail pharmacies across the board are struggling to hire and retain enough pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to keep up with the increased pandemic-related demand for vaccinations and prescriptions. On top of that, pharmacist burnout has prompted companies like Walgreens to reduce the workloads of their employees.

The stakes are high. A decline in pharmacy school enrollees and a seemingly tight job market for those graduates makes it hard to replace departing staff.

“One of the challenges in healthcare in general is that it has been a difficult couple of years for those working in this industry. And pharmacy isn’t immune to that,” said Nate Shenck, a managing director and senior partner at Boston Consulting Group.

To tackle the worker shortage, Walgreens announced it would invest $265 million in its pharmacy staff in FY 2023. Those funds are earmarked for raises, additional training and career development opportunities, and larger scholarships for pharmacy students, Erin Loverher, a spokesperson at Walgreens, said via email.


PS: Some retailers, such as CVS and Kroger, are limiting the sale of children’s pain relievers. Demand for pediatric pain meds has spiked due to the “tripledemic” of respiratory illnesses spreading right now.





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