Performance Coaching for Doctors? [A Voting and Opinion Poll]

On the Need  for Coaching Medical Professionals

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Like some other folks, doctors may benefit from having an objective, outside consultant or coach advise them on how to maximize their medical practice and/or personal performance.

In fact, it’s becoming a popular service, particularly as the ACA, market volatility, heightened insurer and patient demands, and profit pressures are challenging physicians in ways that may not be familiar to them.

But, not all coaches are created equal. What is a coach? What are the risks and benefits? Is this a real need or perceived marketing ploy in a time of tumult?

Q: And so, should doctors hire a performance coach?


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3 Responses

  1. 7 tips for marketing a physician practice to patients
    [Moving from coaching to marketing]

    From Twitter accounts to Google Places and this ME-P, social media has become a mainstay in marketing for physician practices.

    And so, John Lynn, founder of Healthcare Scene blog network and co-founder of Influential Networks, offers seven tips for marketing a physician practice to patients.



  2. About the ME-P Coaching Service

    Our Coaching Service (CS) is designed for someone who is motivated to put together their own financial plan and needs a portfolio review; or a doctor to launch a medical practice or clinic; or someone who just needs some focused advice and an overview on a specific professional aspect of their life.

    It is best suited for financial advisors [FAs] and medical professionals who want to learn more about managing their business advising doctors; or MDs wanting to feel more confident making knowledgeable long-term and short-term financial planning decisions on their own.

    As a CS client, we will help you examine your medical practice or financial advisory business. We can examine your current net worth to review your financial strengths and weaknesses [SWOT analysis], and explain how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances and practice. Your coach will then help you make educated decisions about your future and your investments options.

    Regular review sessions are usually recommended once the plan is implemented, but the frequency of those will vary based on your situation.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  3. Why Medical Practices Need Coaches?


    Editor’s Note: Atul Gawande MD echoed this in a New Yorker piece about a year ago. Good stuff:


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