Happy Thanksgiving Day 2022



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Forget about inflation and the $125 dollar turkey this year.

Try a Test-Tube Turkey, Instead? That’ll Be $34,000

  Last year, Paul Mozdziak gave thanks that people are finally paying attention to his big idea: he wants to grow turkey meat in 5,000-gallon tanks.

An increasing number of companies are trying to grow other kinds of meat in the lab, but Mozdziak happens to “find a lot of beauty in turkeys.” His approach uses stem cells from a biopsy of turkey breast, which are grown in a warm broth of glucose and amino acids to build up muscle fibers. The potential is huge: theoretically, a single stem cell could undergo 75 generations of division in three months, forming enough muscle to manufacture 20 trillion turkey nuggets.

But such such efficiencies are yet to be met. Currently, a turkey-sized lump of white meat would require around $34,000 worth of growth serum. At Target, you can pick up a respectable frozen bird for $30-35. But the latter are intensively farmed. If Mozdziak can scale up production, as well as tweaking fat and protein ratios to make his turkey tasty, he could even win over some vegetarians at Thanksgiving.

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    A SURVEY OF RETAIL Clinics across the nation indicates that the vast majority are extending their operating hours to provide round-the-clock services beginning early Thanksgiving evening through all of Black Friday. The survey found the expansions of retail clinic services was a response to heavy demand created last season from a wide-range of injuries caused from jostling throngs of holiday shoppers.

    “We stand by ready to treat sprained ankles, extended elbows, dislocated fingers, scratches, bites, separated shoulders, and other ailments resulting from Black Friday,” said Doctor Welbus Marky, Medical Director for Nanosecond Clinic, a relatively new Retail Clinic chain situated in shopping centers throughout the country, and one of more than 1,500 retail clinics that responded to the recent Gallup survey indicating that they would provide extended Thanksgiving hours.

    When asked what advice he might give to Black Friday patrons on how to avoid shopping injuries, Doctor Marky counseled shoppers to “consider wearing the same kind of protective gear that is donned for other athletic endeavors, such as helmets, shoulder pads, gloves and knee pads. And above all, be sure to hydrate often.”

    Yvonne Zacross


  2. 2017

    Very interesting.



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