UPDATE: The New IRA & IRS with “Pass-Thru” Business Entities

By Staff Reporters



  • The US Senate passed their climate, health and tax package, including nearly $80 billion in funding for the IRS.
  • The Inflation Reduction Act allocates $79.6 billion to the agency over the next 10 years, with more than half of the money going to enforcement, with the IRS aiming to collect more from corporate and high-net-worth tax dodgers.
  • The remainder of the funding is earmarked for operations, taxpayer services, technology, development of a direct free e-file system and more. Collectively, those improvements are projected to bring in $203.7 billion in revenue from 2022 to 2031, according to recent estimates from the Congressional Budget Office.

The biggest revenue-raiser of the IRA is a 15% minimum tax on corporations with profits of $1 billion or more, which is expected to generate $258 billion over 10 years. This addresses the problem of the rampant tax dodging among large companies that has mostly benefited wealthy shareholders and executives. The bill includes a 1% excise tax on companies’ stock buybacks, raising an estimated additional $74 billion. This will discourage corporations from siphoning resources into share repurchases that largely benefit shareholders and executives with stock-based pay. Those resources could instead go toward worker wages or other productive investments. And the bill would boost IRS enforcement to ensure the ultra-rich pay.

Finally, the Inflation Reduction Act would also extend a tax limitation on pass-through businesses for two more years. The limitation on how businesses can use losses to reduce taxes is supposed to expire at the start of 2027. A pass-through or flow-through business is one that reports its income on the tax returns of its owners. That income is taxed at their individual income tax rates. Examples of pass-throughs include sole proprietorships, some limited liability companies, partnerships and S-corporations.


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