FRUSTRATED Physicians!

By Staff Reporters


65% of Physicians Report Feeling Frustrated in Past 3 Months

A recent study by Survey Healthcare Global on the mental health of healthcare professionals found:

 •  65% of physicians report feeling frustrated.
 •  54% of physicians report feeling burned out.
 •  52% of physicians report feeling unappreciated.
 •  Respondents rank constant stress (34%) and staff shortages (30%) as the leading factors for stress.
 •  18% report that they are more likely to drink, smoke, or use/abuse substances as a result.
 •  75% say their organizations do not offer any wellness resources and programs to HCP employees.

Source: Survey Healthcare Global Via Business Wire, March 21, 2022




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  1. 25% of Aussie Podiatrists Flee Sector, Impacting Aged Care & Rural Health

    When we talk about the healthcare distribution in the bush versus the cities, we rarely consider access to podiatry services. Now a national study of Australian podiatrists between 2017 and 2020 reveals almost a quarter of the podiatrists surveyed are likely to leave clinical practice or the entire field within five years.

    This predicted loss of podiatrists nationally is alarming because demand for podiatry services is forecast to increase until the 2050s due to the increasing burden of chronic disease and an ageing population, particularly in regional, rural, and remote locations where there is an increasingly higher prevalence of chronic illness.

    Source: Mirage News [2/28/23]


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