UPDATE: Stock Market Sentiment and Capitulation?

By Staff Reporters


More than $11 trillion in value has been erased from global stocks since the end of March. And, despite a a pop last Friday, many analysts don’t think we’ve hit the bottom yet. Fewer than 30% of S&P companies have hit a one-year low during this downturn, compared to almost 50% during 2018’s rout and 82% during the financial crisis in 2008, according to Bloomberg.


Capitulation means surrender. In financial markets, capitulation marks the point in time when a large enough proportion of investors simultaneously give up hopes of recouping recent losses, typically as the decline in prices gathers speed.

CITE: https://www.r2library.com/Resource/Title/082610254



According to MarketWatch, the latest bull market for U.S. stocks remains on the brink of expiring, with the benchmark S&P 500 just shy of the threshold that marks bear territory.

Going ganular, the S&P 500 SPX, +2.39% finished 0.1% lower at 3,930.08 on Wednesday, after falling as far as 3,858.87 at its session low. That was the index’s lowest close since March 25, 2021, and left it 18.1% below its record finish from early January. A Friday bounce for stocks saw the S&P 500 nearly halve its decline for the week to 2.4%, closing at 4023.89.

In One Chart: Stock market’s ‘ultimate lows’ are still ahead as investors have not yet capitulated, says B. of A.

A finish below 3,837.25 would mark a 20% fall, according to Dow Jones Market Data, meeting the widely used technical definition of a bear market.



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