SURVEY: Employee Financial Healthcare Affordability

By Staff Reporters and MCOL



WTW: Employee Healthcare Affordability Survey

 •  By the end of 2023, most employers (95%) are expected to offer virtual care for medical and behavioral health issues, and 61% expect to offer lower cost sharing for virtual care.
 •  Over half (55%) think the expansion of virtual care will help decrease costs in the long run, and 50% think it will improve outcomes.
 •  Employer confidence in sponsoring healthcare benefits over the next 10 years is at its highest point in over 10 years (84% in 2022 versus 38% in 2011).
 •  One in 10 employers (9%) currently offer genetic testing as a screening for early-stage cancer with another 5% planning to do so by 2023.

Source: Willis Towers Watson, April 26, 2022




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