INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION: For Hospitals, Clinics and Healthcare CXOs, CEOs, CMOs and CTOs, etc.




Hospitals and Health Care Organizations is a must-read for any physician and other health care provider to understand the multiple, and increasingly complex, interlocking components of the U.S. health care delivery system, whether they are employed by a hospital system, or manage their own private practices.

The operational principles, methods, and examples in this book provide a framework applicable on both the large organizational and smaller private practice levels and will result in better patient care. Physicians today know they need to better understand business principles and this book by Dr. David E. Marcinko and Professor Hope Rachel Hetico provides an excellent framework and foundation to learn important principles all doctors need to know.
―Richard Berning, MD, Pediatric Cardiology

… Dr. David Edward Marcinko and Professor Hope Rachel Hetico bring their vast health care experience along with additional national experts to provide a health care model-based framework to allow health care professionals to utilize the checklists and templates to evaluate their own systems, recognize where the weak links in the system are, and, by applying the well-illustrated principles, improve the efficiency of the system without sacrificing quality patient care. … The health care delivery system is not an assembly line, but with persistence and time following the guidelines offered in this book, quality patient care can be delivered efficiently and affordably while maintaining the financial viability of institutions and practices.
―James Winston Phillips, MD, MBA, JD, LLM






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  1. Hospitals Operating Margins -15% October 2021

    October 2021 financial KPIs (key performance indicators) for U.S. hospitals and health systems compared to October 2020:

    • Operating Margin (without CARES) -15%
    • Total Expense per Adjusted Discharge +11.6%
    • Labor Expense per Adjusted Discharge +16.3%
    • Gross Operating Revenue +9.3%
    • Patient Days +6%

    Source: Syntellis, Market Analysis and Monthly Hospital & Physician KPIs, November 2021


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