CMS: MSSP ACO Growth 2012-2022

By Staff Reporters


DEFINITION: An accountable care organization is a healthcare organization that ties provider reimbursements to quality metrics and reductions in the cost of care. ACOs in the United States are formed from a group of coordinated health-care practitioners. They use alternative payment models, normally, capitation.



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CMS MSSP ACO Growth 2012-2022

Performance YearACOsAssigned Beneficiaries
202248311.0 million
202147710.7 million
202051711.2 million
201948710.4 million
201856110.5 million
20174809.0 million
20164337.7 million
20154047.3 million
20143384.9 million
2012+20132203.2 million

Source: CMS 2022 Shared Savings Program Fast Facts – As of January 1, 202


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