Happy National BLUE MONDAY 2022

By Staff Reporters


Blue Monday is considered to be the most depressing day of the year, but some people may be confused whether this label is real or just pseudoscience.

There are claims around this time of year that this specific day commonly coincides with the arrival of some of the year’s toughest psychological challenges.

Issues can include a combination of particularly bleak winter weather, the post-Christmas comedown and being wracked with guilt over yet more failed New Year’s resolutions.

And, additionally, people have over the past two years witnessed the trauma of dealing with the concerns about COVID-19’s effects on physical and mental health.

As with every year, Blue Monday rolls around every year on the first month’s third Monday, meaning in 2022 it is said to arrive today, on January 17th.

QUESTION: However, is this specific time of the year something people should really note?



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MORE: https://nationaltoday.com/blue-monday/

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