PODCAST: Laboratory Test Costs in EHRs and Physician Behavior

Johns Hopkins Hospital Listed the Cost of 61 Lab Tests on Doctors’ Computer Screens … While They Were Ordering Labs.

By Dr. Eric Bricker MD


–Just Seeing the Cost of the Lab Test DECREASED the Number of Labs Ordered Per Patient by 9%.

–Doctors Also SUBSTITUTED a Lower Cost Lab Test for a Higher Cost Lab Test 10,000 Times.

The Doctors Were NOT Clinically Directed to Change Their Behavior.

The Doctors’ Pay Was NOT Affected by Their Lab Ordering Either Way.

This Study Illustrates How Giving Doctors Cost Information in a Setting of Clinical and Financial Independence AUTOMATICALLY Decreases Healthcare Waste.

Doctors Can Be Much Better Stewards of Healthcare Dollars … and the Technological Innovation Needed is Minimal.

Disclosure: Dr. Bricker is the Chief Medical Officer of Virtual Care Company First Stop Health.


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