On Bill Gates, Doctors and Divorce – Oh My!


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Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP®

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Bill Gates has been a business hero for me for the past 35 years. I even met him, once briefly back in the day. So, the marital union of the Microsoft Founder and Melinda French seemed perfect, and their marriage stood the test of time as it neared the three-decade mark, a rare feat in the world of A-list couples.

Sadly, when they announced their split on Twitter this week, many were shocked, even heartbroken. People reflected on their own marriages and wondered how they could make it work if the Gates’ could not.

And collectively, we found we cared about the split — a lot. 

But, what about physician colleagues and divorce?

Do we doctors have some common cause with Bill and Melinda?

Divorce for Physicians What You Should Know - bidti.org

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GREY DIVORCE: https://medicalexecutivepost.com/2019/10/21/older-divorcing-medical-professionals/

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