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By Ann Miller RN MHA

An Information Technology Educational Futurist

Today, colleges and universities are finally beginning to identify students who are adept at learning online and reward the top achievers and professors. Employers, graduate and medical schools are beginning to troll MOOCs [massive open online courses] seeking viable job, and academic, candidates.

In fact, when I last checked, the nation’s public health administration and related B-student were enrolled in more than 118 online programs. MOOCs offer greater access for a larger number of students, at significantly lower costs than on-site programs.

By the same token, technology like Blackboard®, Cernage, and eXplorance, Kalture and related must be used to full potential. Smart phones, PCs and tablets, videos, interactive games, AI simulators and related apps with Skype®-like virtual classrooms and cloud storage are obvious embellishments to online initiatives. 

An Executive Education Pioneer 

Moreover, it is increasingly imperative that technology be used to expand the universe of targeted adult-learners. This is for aspiring professionals and business executives, or those already in the workforce.

Estimates by Business Week suggest that adult executive education in the US is a $900 million annual business with approximately 80 percent provided by university schools. Beside the educational benefits, monetary dividends are reaped as open enrollment eases matriculation access. Similar programs at the Wharton School, Darden, Harvard and the Goizueta Business School at Emory University charge premium rates for the implied institutional moniker.

ENTER the CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER® charter designation

According to industry pundit: Mike Kitces MSFS CFP CLU ChFC EA

The CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ charter designation program was created by Dr. David Marcinko (who edited the Financial Planning Handbook for Physicians and Advisors” [1st and 2nd editions”] AND “The Business of Medical Practice [1st, 2nd and 3rd editions]. It is intended for those financial advisors, medical management consultants or healthcare CXOs who aim specifically serve physicians and the allied healthcare and medical community.

Out content focuses not only on the risk management, insurance, investment and financial planning issues relevant to all independent or employed physicians, but also provides an understanding of the business, economic and financial aspects of medical practice management so that CMP™ charter holders can help their physician clients achieve the next level of businesses in the modern era.

“The informed voice of a new generation of fiduciary advisors for healthcare”

 Like medical professionals, all licensed Certified Medical Planner™ charter-holders are required to act in accordance with governing regulations. They are required to sign a Code-of-Ethics attestation confirming the intent to run their advisory and/or management consulting business according to a strict set of fiduciary standards. 

PROGRESS: After several years of proof-of-concept preparation, we secured the website URL: complete with copyrighted logo and launched. We now have about 60 graduates under a quarter-semester business model with 3 mandated proprietary textbooks, case models, test questions and checklists, and 3 recommended proprietary dictionary handbooks which we produced and copyrighted.

Our strategic competitive advantage [SCA] is four-fold: fiduciary status, asynchronous education with “live” instructors, deep curriculum granularity and requisite undergraduate degree.

PRODUCT LINE EXTENSION: Our course materials are kept updated thru our website platform: with half million readers / subscribers

Full Disclosure: We are currently under non-disclosure agreements [NDA] with a VC firm located in Durham, NC that acquires, invests and operates a portfolio of educational and healthcare media, market intelligence, online certification programs and associated businesses.

NOTE: We would consider a revenue sharing relationship with a major University SBE in order to quickly achieve scale, automate the program and establish a scholarship fund.


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Speaker: If you need a moderator or speaker for an upcoming event, Dr. David E. Marcinko; MBA – Publisher-in-Chief of the Medical Executive-Post – is available for seminar or speaking engagements. Contact:


Risk Management, Liability Insurance, and Asset Protection Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™8Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™

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