Implementing the Global Strategic Health Plan

A Human Resources Issue for International Physician Entrepreneurs

By Henry H. Goldman PhD CPCM


Strategic planning is a fairly easy business managerial chore; not so for healthcare. Yet, physician executives and medical managers can usually determine the direction in which the company should move. They can generally determine, or make educated guesses about new services, products, expanded markets, changes in competition, innovations in technology, financing requirements, etc.

Gs and Os

Goals and objectives setting are staples of business management, worldwide. Most large organizations have accepted Russell Ackoff’s plea for them to create their own futures. It is not a difficult task to create a comprehensive set of alternative strategies at the corporate or divisional level. Making the strategies work for healthcare is the real issue.


Implementing the strategic plan is an often-overlooked aspect of the planning process. Corporate and medical executives assume that the plan will be implemented. Generals always expect that their orders will be carried out, even if those orders are wrong. While strategy formulation is regarded as a staff function, strategic implementation is generally viewed as a key function of line management. If the strategic plan is to be put into place in a timely manner and the results of that plan, the anticipations and expectations that long-term goals and short-term objectives will be attained, then planners must examine the organizational issues involved in making the plan happen.

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The clear understanding of and the ability to deal with these issues during the strategy formulation process may make the difference between an international healthcare strategic plan that has become only an academic exercise – and a living, vital guideline to future profits and continued corporate success.

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Henry H. Goldman, Ph.D. is the Managing Director of the GOLDMAN-NELSON GROUP (USA), a global management consulting and executive training organization that he founded in 1981. Dr. Goldman’s areas of expertise include supervisory and management training, decision-making and problem solving, team building, international financial management, and strategic planning. He is frequently invited to facilitate programs and workshops on such diverse subjects as “Leading Organizational Change,” “Decision-Making for Managers,” “Budgeting in the Borderlands,” as well as issues dealing with global business and finance. Goldman recently served as Co-Editor of Taking Stock: A Survey on the Practice and Future of Change Management (Berlin, 2005). He has worked with executives and managers, worldwide, to develop an understanding of management and financial concerns in a global marketplace. He has conducted training programs along the Pacific Rim, Southern Africa, and the Middle East and among the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union. His clients include MGM Studios, Lucent Technologies–China, General Motors, Hughes Aircraft Company and Citizens’ Development Corps. He served as adjunct professor of management at the University of Macau, China, where he taught “Team Building” to MBA students. He is currently affiliated with the National Graduate School and Boston University’s Center for Executive Education. Dr. Goldman was recently appointed to the Mine Relief Global Business Council to assist in the remediation of land mines, world-wide, with a particular focus on the Turkey-Syria border.

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