Off Road Touring in Boston with Dr. Marcinko

How Doctors Get Paid

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko; MBA, CMP™


Just before the Christmas Holidays, I flew up to Boston at the invitation of a pharmaceutical company to lead a managerial workshop entitled: “How Doctors Get Paid” [Treatment is only the beginning in the Changing Billing and Medical Reimbursement Climate].

Our goal was to inform drug representatives, and their regional managers, what value added information physician offices might expect from the pharmaceutical industry of the future.  

Topics of Discussion

The two hour interactive workshop included team projects, flip chart exercises, a mock role-playing session and the customary [hopefully energetic] ppt presentation. Other topics of discussion included:  

  • Health insurance payment evolution
  • Collapse of Medicare
  • Rise of managed care
  • Medical records documentation
  • ICD-9 and 10, HCPCS, DRGs and CPT® coding
  • ABNs, super-bills and HCFA 150 forms
  • Billing methodologies
  • Healthcare fraud, abuse and related policies
  • Capitation, HSAs, concierge medicine and RACs
  • Futuristic health 2.0 payment mechanisms, and more.


Rest assured; these folks were a very knowledgeable and aggressive group; not like your father’s “detail men” of yore! They seek to … talk the talk, and walk the walk, of the Health 2.0 era.

Many thanks again to Helen, and Jon D, for the invite.

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3 Responses

  1. Dr. Marcinko,
    Nice job in Boston last month. I really enjoyed your interactive and energetic presentation.


  2. We also facilitate and lecture for corporate strategy groups and bring information to managerial meetings to help facilitate teamwork and leadership. This can be a one-off-a-kind event or a permanent “occasional retainer” arrangement. We also have a team of consultants for most any larger engagement.

    David Edward Marcinko


  3. I work for a doctor and am considered knowledgeable about medical billing and related thru-put insurance processes. For those not so fortunate, allow me to suggest reading this link for enhanced understanding of this important topic.



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