Medical CBD: No FDA Advocacy

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The Food and Drug Administration said it can’t vouch for the safety of cannabidiol (CBD)—a nonpsychoactive compound found in marijuana and hemp plants—and because of that, it can’t regulate it. Instead, it’s calling on lawmakers to help supervise $12 CBD lavender sodas.The FDA said that CBD doesn’t fit the mold of the dietary supplements and food additives it typically monitors, such as ginseng and caffeine.


The agency claims the science is lacking on the safety of long-term CBD use, let alone on any potential perks—like preventing diabetes or aiding sleep.


Derived from Hemp

Congress legalized hemp four years ago, and most CBD is derived from hemp, not marijuana. As a result, CBD got kicked off the controlled substances list and got lobbed from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s desk to the FDA’s.

Mental Health Drugs:

Since then, the FDA’s been less active in regulating CBD than a teen in a ’90s anti-marijuana ad. That’s resulted in a chaotic and confusing marketplace, and CBD industry players were hoping the FDA would soon start reining it in.

Drug Middlemen:





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