Debt Limit and Foot Locker?

By Staff Reporters



Debt Limit: Stocks took a dive yesterday even though Jerome Powell said that interest rates may not have to rise as much as expected to quash inflation. What could loom even larger than Jerome Powell? A hiccup in negotiations over the debt ceiling raised fears about the possibility of the US defaulting. In fact, negotiations aimed at raising the nation’s debt limit resumed briefly last night after being halted for six hours during the day when Republicans broke off talks saying the White House was being unreasonable. A major sticking point was said to be the overall amount of government spending for next year as the deadline to get a deal in place to prevent an economically crippling default on June 1st draws near. Although no breakthrough came from the evening’s talks, further discussions are reportedly scheduled for later today.

Stock spotlight: Investors were about as interested in Foot Locker as an old stinky sneaker after a slowdown in sales prompted the retailer to slash its outlook for the year.



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