DAILY UPDATE: 2022 IRA/HSA Contribution Deadline Monday with 2023 Tax Filing Day Tuesday


By Staff Reporters



Tax Day arrives Tuesday, April 18, 2023 as America’s small businesses are worried their own government will treat them like suspected criminals, even as they hire workers, raise wages and strengthen their communities. And, do not forget that Monday the 17th is the last day deadline for 2022 IRA and HSA contributions.


G-7 holds its annual summit in Japan. Ministers from the Group of Seven countries have arrived at a Japanese hot spring resort town for a rejuvenating soak and to discuss the world’s most pressing geopolitical challenges, such as China’s aggression toward Taiwan, the war in Ukraine, and climate change. Japan has ramped up security after an apparent smoke bomb was thrown at the prime minister on Saturday.

More companies report earnings. Investors will be poring over reports from Tesla, Netflix, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, American Express, and dozens of other firms this week for clues on how corporate America is faring in these confusing economic times.

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