PRIVATE EQUITY: In Cancer Oncology Care


By Ola Abdelhadi

By Richard Scheffler

University California at Berkley



Despite increases in private equity acquisition of oncology practices, little is known about the effect on market competition, prices, and quality.


This research team will examine the changes in health care quality and prices following private equity acquisition of oncology practices and explore whether these acquisitions exacerbate health disparities among racial groups. This work may be relevant to policymakers and antitrust regulators assessing private equity deals.

Increasing Private Equity Investment in Cancer Care: What is the Effect on Prices and Quality of Care?



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    There’s a new way to screen for some cancers. Scientists in South Korea have developed a cheap way to detect pancreatic and prostate cancer—and all the patient has to do is pee on a strip.

    They say their sensor, which costs around eight cents, has a 99% success rate in identifying the urine of people with these cancers versus people without. And the team is experimenting further to try to extend it to more cancers, including colon-rectal and lung cancers.



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