CRYPTO-CURRENCY: Trades 24/7/365



The US stock and bond markets are closed today for MLK Day, so we’ll have to wait 24 more hours to see if this year-opening rally will continue for a third week.

But crypto currency trades 24/7, and the same hopeful inflation news that’s been lifting stocks has also given life to beaten-down cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin gained for the 11th straight day on Saturday, topping $20,000 for the first time in more than two months.

So, here are some ways in which the non-stop crypto market affects institutions — banks and exchanges, in particular.

The stock market takes a break every day, and every weekend. That gives all the players in the market — individual investors and institutions — a chance to assess and reposition their assets for their next moves. But since crypto trades all the time, there are stretches during the 24-hour day when banks and exchanges are effectively closed, and money isn’t being moved around as quickly or efficiently as it would during business hours.

This can cause lags — if a crypto trader is trying to deposit money into their crypto exchange account to execute a trade at, say, 2 am ET on a Sunday night, that money won’t actually move until the next day. That has the potential to cause some friction in the markets.


In short, there’s a mismatch between the standard business hours of many institutions and the 24-hour nature of the crypto markets, which may have an effect on the markets.



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