What is Health Insurance Network STEERAGE?

By Staff Reporters



What is health plan network steerage?

Network steerage is the practice of directing employees and members on your benefits plan to in-network doctors, hospitals, and other points of care. A network steerage strategy is crucial for healthcare payers who are looking to tackle high healthcare costs. An admirable goal.

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But, what is steerage – really?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has raised concerns about a hospital practice known as “steerage”–which involves a provider buying commercial insurance coverage for patients who are already eligible for Medicare or Medicaid coverage in order to obtain higher levels of reimbursement.

IOW: The plan charges a fixed monthly fee so its members can receive health care. There will be a small co-payment for each doctor visit; however with the HMO, fees can be fore-casted unlike a fee-for-service insurance plan. Although freedom of choice is given up, out-of-pocket expenses are very low.

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