Education, Degrees, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and IPOs?


By Dr. Jeffery Funk

Did you know that far more MBAs and bachelor-degree holders were among top managers and board of directors among startups filing for IPOs between 1990 and 2018 than were other degree holders?

About 55% of them had an MBA for their highest degree vs. 20% for bachelors, 7% for PhD, 3% for MD, 12% for MS, and 3% for JD. The high percentage of MBAs and bachelor-degree holders reflects the move away from #science-based #technologies such as semiconductors, and electronic, communications, and medical equipment that once dominated Silicon Valley (hence the name), and towards Internet commerce, content, and services over last 25 years.

In fact, most PhDs among top managers and board of directors at IPO time studied life sciences and were employed in #biotech #startups, a sector that continues to thrive. Creating successful science-based startups in other sectors continues to be a big challenge, one that may be partially overcome by #AI in near future.

As for which #universities train these people, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and MIT had the most graduates in many categories, representing almost 20% of PhDs for instance.




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