PODCAST: What’s Going on at the IRS?

Welcome to The Common Bridge

By Richard Helppie


Hello, welcome to the Common Bridge.

We’ve got a great topic for you today. It’s all about taxes and the IRS and with us today, two experts from Plante Moran. Welcome, Rachel Keller and Brett Bissonnette, welcome to the Common Bridge. The Common Bridge, of course, is available@substack.com. Please go to substack.com. Enter the Common Bridge in your search engine. Subscribe if you wish, either a paid subscription or a free subscription.

Of course, the Common Bridge is available on all of your podcast outlets. Look for us there and on YouTube TV. And of course, with our friends over at Mission Control radio on your radio garden app. We all listen to debates and commentary about law and policy and especially taxes. And every law, every policy and of course tax regulation require mechanisms to ensure compliance.

Well, our President Joseph R. Biden has stated that the IRS needs to be properly funded in order to carry out its mission on our very complex tax code. Taxpayers have been puzzled by missing records, slow refund late fees for things they paid and other matters including slowness in the support that they get directly from the IRS. So today, we’re going to chat with these two experts who are in the field today actively advising people from all stripes about tax law and tax regulation. They spent a lot of their time interacting with the IRS and making sure that their clients are in compliance with the tax law. So we anticipate some education and maybe some policy ideas. 

From Plante Moran, we welcome Rachel Keller and Brett Bissonnette — Welcome to the Common Bridge.

-Richard Helppie

EDITOR’S NOTE: Richard D. Helppie
Former: CEO and Founder
Superior Consultant Company, Inc.


PODCAST: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/richard-helppies-common-bridge/id1485396596?i=1000576748851



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