The DENTAL Witness Stand


By Darrell Pruitt DDS


Today I was on the witness stand in a Dallas County courthouse for 2 hours testifying as an expert witness in an injury case involving a dentist who failed to pay attention to a patient’s safety. The three year old girl was brought into the dental operatory while hugging her mom, face-to-face. The mom and child were in that same position when they were seated in the dental chair – with the child’s legs straddling her mom’s waist, and extending a few inches beyond the back of the chair.

The dentist entered the operatory and reclined the chair by pushing a button on the control module. The hinge mechanism severely pinched the child’s right foot, breaking all 5 metatarsals. She will have problems with her foot the rest of her life.

The lesson, Doc: Never ever recline a dental chair unless all limbs are visibly clear of pinch points.


Thank You



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