My Conversation with an Anonymous Cigna Representative


Cigna, do you even have a clue that dentists don’t like you?


By Darrell K. Pruitt DDS


Hi Dr. Pruitt,

I’m truly sorry for any negative experience you’ve encountered with us. Is there a claim, benefit, or authorization concern I can help with? Please email me at I’d like an opportunity to assist.

At a time when interest rates are surging, and just when I request an increase, CIGNA REDUCED MY REIMBURSEMENTS! Never again will I do business with you, and will discourage other dentists from falling into your trap …. And that is why dentists don’t like #TeamCigna. 

What is your name, anyway. You know mine. Perhaps Linkedin’s transparency makes it a poor choice for marketing Cigna.

As if things could get no worse between Cigna and dentists, you censored my response!

NOTE: Cigna representatives prefer to remain anonymous for reasons of accountability.



Thank You



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