SURVEY: 39% of Medical Providers Conduct Covid-19 Screens Via Tele-Health

By staff Reporters


39% of Providers Conduct Covid-19 Screens Via Telehealth

In a recent survey providers were asked what types of patient care they deliver via telehealth. The survey found:

 •  Conduct primary care visits (75%)
 •  Conduct chronic care visits (72%)
 •  Order prescription refills (64%)
 •  Conduct COVID-19 screenings (39%)
 •  Conduct urgent care visits (38%)
 •  Address mental health concerns (36%)
 •  Conduct follow-up after a procedure or surgery care (28%)

Source: UnitedHealth Group, “Telehealth Use Will Outlive the Pandemic for Health Care Providers, Survey Shows,” March 15, 2022



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