PODCAST: The Growing Tele-Medicine Adoption

By First Stop Health

What is Telemedicine?

Even Through the Waxing and Waning of the Pandemic Over the Subsequent Months, Consumers Are Still 4X More Likely to Use Telemedicine Than They Were Previously.

PODCAST: https://tinyurl.com/druhseb5

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One Response

  1. Patients More Likely to Use mHealth Tools if Recommended by Doctor

    In a recent survey, Accenture asked patients, “Which three, if any, of the following would make you more likely to use digital technology to manage your health?” According to the results:

    • 33% Recommendations from my medical provider
    • 30% If I had more confidence in data security and privacy
    • 30% If I could receive better information about my health
    • 20% If I knew more about what digital options were available to me
    • 20% Lower cost of devices/software/apps

    Source: Accenture, “Digital adoption in healthcare: Reaction or revolution?” August 2021

    Dr. Gery


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