PODCAST: Established Sales Strategies That Are Effective When Applied to Healthcare



Learn Established Sales Strategies That Are Effective When Applied to Healthcare:

1) Prospecting: The Strategy of Aaron Ross in Dividing Prospecting into Seeds, Nets and Spears Was Effective in Generating Leads at Compass Professional Health Services.

2) Pitching: The Miller-Heiman Strategy of Identifying Economic, Outcome and Technical Buyers Allows for Effective Pitching to a Buying Team.

3) Closing: The Model of ‘Fit-Risk-Price’ is Essential To Understanding How and When to Close a Sale.

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One Response

  1. 40% of Patients Refuse to Visit Providers With Poor Reviews

    • More than 95% of the patient population consider online reviews an important aspect of their
    decision-making process.
    • 40% of patients would refuse to visit providers with poor reviews.
    • 70% of patients aged 60+ and more than 75% of patients below 60 rely on positive patient reviews and a
    strong average star rating while selecting their healthcare provider.
    • 75% of patients said they would consider a healthcare provider/ practice only if it had an average star rating
    of 4 stars or more.

    Source: RepuGen via Healthcare Dive, “Study of Online Reviews Reveals the Importance of Having High Star Ratings for Healthcare Providers in 2021,” August 23, 2021



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