Dental Electronic Records – Why Bother?

Electronic dental records – why bother?

[By Darrell Pruitt DDS]

“Clinician EHR Workload, Cognitive Efforts Double After EHR Adoption – Providers reported significant cognitive workload increases, such as higher levels of frustration and mental demands following EHR adoption”

By Christopher Jason for EHR Intelligence, March 23, 2021.

Jason:  “Clinician workload and cognitive efforts doubled after the first six months of EHR adoption, according to a study published in Applied Ergonomics. Clinicians also experienced increased EHR workload over 2.5 years following EHR implementation. This adds to the evidence showing a connection between EHR usability and clinician burnout. EHR usability issues typically increase cognitive load and errors, leading to patient safety issues. An increase in cognitive load adds to EHR use, which then leads to clinician burnout.”

Compared to physicians, the business of dentistry is like a lemonade stand. Electronic dental records offer only convenience – expensive, complicated and dangerous convenience.

Why bother?

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