Dr. Marcinko Appointed to “Medblob” Advisory Board

Professor Marcinko Appointed to Medblob Advisory Board

By Richard S. Tannenbaum; MS

[Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer]


At Medblob, we manage healthcare data for patients, providers, and research organizations. Our leadership team is from multi-disciplinary back grounds, including medicine, software and research. And, our advisors have broad experience and training in clinical medicine, insurance and healthcare information technology companies.

So, we are pleased to announce that Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP® has just been appointed to the Advisory Board of our company.

About Medblob™ 

The Challenge:

One of the biggest challenges for providers is having all of the patient’s medical information, at the point of care.

The Solution:

Medblob™ is an emerging and secure military encrypted and HIPAA compliant health information exchange and data warehouse, known as HealthFile™, that aims to have medical information available at the point-of-care so clinicians are able to make better decisions to improve their patients’ health.

The Outcome:

MedBlob™ solves a major cause of medical errors and preventable death: inaccurate or missing health information.


Member of Medblob’s Advisory Board composed of medical, legal, and financial experts assisting the management team in the company’s mission of improving public health and outcomes for patients. Medblob Advisory Board was chartered to provide advice to the executive team regarding the company’s strategy, development, market positioning, and growth trajectory. LifeBook is Medblob’s military-grade secure patient electronic health record that acts as a single source of truth health record, medical data platform, and Network as a Service (NaaS).

Board of Advisors Link: http://www.medblob.com/board-of-advisors/

More: Please contact us to get involved in the future of healthcare information technology!



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