The Anthem Meme in Atlanta – Oh No!

Blue Cross / Blue Shied of Georgia

By Anonymous



The Back Story

Most ME-P readers may know that Blue Cross Shield of Georgia has been spending millions of dollars for a new rebranding initiative to Anthem? It has been all over the local news, TV, internet, with phone cold calls, etc.

The Photog

Well, a single Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority [MARTA] subway rider apparently snapped the attached photo at the Mid-Town Atlanta, station; posted it on the internet, as it promptly went viral and virtually destroying the entire multi-channel marketing campaign.

So, is Anthem now the local, and GA statewide, marketing faux paus laughing stock?


Wasn’t it Peter Drucker who said that: “culture eats strategy for lunch.”

Just thought you might enjoy the visual meme. Feel free to comment.
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