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  1. Prices across sectors are growing at their fastest rates in years.

    Housing: Global housing prices increased 7.3% on average in the 12 months to March—the fastest pace since 2006, according to Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index. The top five countries for price growth are 1) Turkey 2) New Zealand 3) Luxembourg 4) Slovakia and 5) the US.

    Shipping: The cost of moving a container from China to Dubai has ballooned to $5,000 from $1,000 last year, according to SCMP.

    Food: A UN food price index soared 40% in May, the largest jump in a decade. Low-income countries will suffer the worst effects of this food inflation.

    Consumer goods: Prices across 36 mostly wealthy countries rose at their fastest pace in more than 12 years during April. Economists are chalking up this eye-popping inflation to “base effects”—meaning these numbers only appear huge because they’re being compared to last spring, when prices plummeted at the onset of the pandemic.



  2. Health care Post Pandemic DEFLATION?

    During the pandemic, health care became even more important than before. So how has medical care dodged inflation? Preventative doctor’s visits and healthcare were moved to the back burner last year as people stayed home during the pandemic.

    Since February 2020, medical care commodities, which include all medicinal drugs and other medical supplies, have gotten 2.3% cheaper.

    Broken down into more specific categories, prices of medicinal drugs, which encompass both prescription and over-the-counter medicine, saw a 2.2% decrease. Prescription drug prices alone are down 2.9% over the past year and a half.

    Medical equipment and supplies, which includes items like dressings, contraceptives, heating pads and wheel chairs, saw the biggest change with a 5.8% drop in price since before the pandemic.

    Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA


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