Update on Health Insurance Coverage in the USA

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By Poverty Level in 2014

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3 Responses

  1. Health Plan Administrative Costs Trends: Blue Cross Blue Shield‏

    Messrs. and Mesdames:

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans administrative costs controllable by management increased at a median rate of 1.1% PMPM. But, with the additional taxes associated with the Affordable Care Act, costs increased by 18.4%. Corporate Services costs declined and Account and Membership Administration grew only modestly.

    These results are excerpted from the Blue Cross Blue Shield edition of the 2015 Sherlock Expense Evaluation Report. The results are based on our detailed surveys of 2014 operating parameters of 16 Blue Cross Blue Shield licensees, comprising 47% of the U.S. total. The licensees represent approximately 55-60% of the membership of single state Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans.

    John Park
    [Health Care Analyst]
    Sherlock Company


  2. Marketplace Assister Programs Helped 5.9M Consumers This Year

    Kaiser Family Foundation recently conducted a survey regarding health insurance marketplace assister programs and brokers. Here are some key findings from the report:

    • 91% of Assister Programs and 86% of brokers this year had also helped Marketplace consumers last year.
    • Over 4,600 Assister Programs served consumers, collectively employing 30,400 full time staff/volunteers.
    • 79% of Assister Programs said consumers sought help because they lacked confidence to apply alone.
    • 1 in 5 Assister Programs reported having to turn away at least some consumers this year.
    • Assister Programs helped an estimated 5.9 million consumers this year.
    • 27% of Assister Programs are very certain that funding will be available to support them next year.

    Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, August 6, 2015


  3. The Problem With G.O.P. Plans to Sell Health Insurance Across State Lines

    Numerous state regulations aren’t the main reason insurance markets tend to be uncompetitive.




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