Calculate the Odds that your Job will be Stolen by a ROBOT?

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What are your chances?

[By staff reporters]

In an increasingly digital world the workforce is becoming more automated than ever before. In this decade we’ve faced the challenge of interactive POS systems impacting the retail employment sector, but what industries are next?

Understanding the future of your job role can help you plan your career path more effectively, and decide if it’s time to change direction.

Using NPR’s handy calculator you can see just how safe your job is from the robots. To save you some time we’ve listed the top industries and their rankings

  • Sales: 99% chance of being automated
  • Accountants: 93.5% chance of being automated
  • Retail: 92.3% chance of being automated
  • Programmers: 48% chance of being automated
  • Housekeeping: 68.8% chance of being automated
  • Lawyer: 3.5% chance of being automated
  • Teaching: >1% chance of being automated


Feeling pretty confident? Congratulations!





Even if you are a doctor, nurse, accountant or financial advisor – use the calculator to check it out.


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