Automobile Windshield Maintenance Tips for Physicians

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By Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA CMPvia Nalley Lexus Roswell, GA

Dr David E Marcinko MBA

Doctor – How often do you think about your windshield?

If you’re in the vast majority of doctors and drivers of all sort, chances are you only notice it when a large bug happens to meet an untimely end and creates a goopy mess on your glass.

But, as an insurance agent and Certified Medical Planner, I know there’s a long list of reasons why you should note the condition of your windshield, not the least of which is for clear vision. In fact, a quick visual check with each gas fill-up, and a more thorough inspection each month, is suggested

Think about it: Windshield. It’s a shield against the wind. But, it’s also a shield against many of the dangers that are commonplace out on the highways, such as those pesky bugs, wayward stones, or other roadway hazards. That’s not to mention how unpleasant a drive in the rain or cold would be without a barrier between you and the elements.

DEM's Jaguar


That’s why it’s incredibly important to take note of your windshield’s condition. Clear vision is of the utmost importance for safety and convenience, but there’s much more to it than that. If you were to be in an accident, your windshield can play a huge role in keeping you safe from the debris that might be flying due to the impact.


Needless to say, if your windshield is shattered, there is no option: your windshield needs to be replaced as soon as possible. It’s tough to see out of, not that great for protection from the elements, and if something were to hit the glass, it’ll soon be sitting in the cabin with you. Not only that, but your local authorities might be paying you a visit, as vehicles with shattered windshields are often considered unroadworthy by law.


If your windshield is cracked or has unrepaired rock chips, you’re not in much better of a situation. Though a small crack or chip may look harmless, the environment can cause big problems for you and your windshield. Small chips and cracks that go unrepaired can quickly consume the entire glass surface due to a shocking event, such as cold water on a hot day, or even hitting a pothole. Then you’re left with a much more expensive repair.

Road Rash

Road rash, in medicine, is a colloquial term for skin and bone injury caused by abrasion with road surfaces, usually as a consequence of cycling, automobile and motorcycling accidents. In this case, the pepper shotgun-like marks on a windshield.


There is good news, however. If your windshield is foggy, discolored, cracked, shattered, chipped – you name it – many car dealers and local independent shops can help. Repairing your chipped windshield doesn’t cost much money and it can prevent an entire glass replacement further down the road. This service usually only takes a few minutes, but you must act fast, as repair isn’t always possible if the damage has spread. And, in many cases, insurance will help foot some, or all of the bill.


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2 Responses

  1. Rain-X

    Dr. Marcinko – Due to its general water repellent properties, I use Rain-X for my Jaguar XJ-R windshild which is also used in a wide variety of consumer, commercial and industrial settings.

    The primary use of Rain-X is for automotive applications. Commercially sold “Original Glass Treatment” is the original and most well known Rain-X branded product. It is a hydrophobic silicone polymer that forces water to bead and roll off of the car, often without needing wipers. It is sold in 3.5 or 7 oz bottles, or as wipes or towelettes.

    So, thanks for this ME-P.



  2. On the Big Cat

    Dr. Marcinko – In my opinion, Jaguar’s uniqueness is especially evident inside the vehicle.

    Getting in is like sliding into an English gentleman’s club, with yards of supple leather, luxurious deep-pile carpeting, and polished wood on the doors, instrument panel and steering wheel. And, the instruments are simple and understated in keeping with the elegant mood.

    I love my 2001 VDP, as I am sure you do, too.



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