Medical Practice and Health 2.0 Risk Management is Now a Part of Financial Planning for Doctors

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Ann Miller RN MHA [Executive-Director]

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Our ME-P Editor, Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP™, is a nationally recognized healthcare financial and business advisor to physicians, clinics, hospitals and medical practices. Based in Atlanta Georgia, as a Certified Medical Planner™, Dr. Marcinko leads the industry delivering expert financial and managerial advice to all healthcare entities and stakeholders regarding managed care contracting, operations, strategic planning, revenue growth, health 2.0 business modeling and physician litigation support.

Dr. Marcinko is a sought-after author and speaker with three-decades of expert healthcare consulting experience. He has authored hundreds of healthcare business, finance, economics and management articles and dozens of text books. He is a chosen speaker among prominent national healthcare groups and financial services associations.

Committed to addressing the needs of each client, Dr. Marcinko and the iMBA Inc team takes great pride in personally leading every consulting team that produces effective response time and measurable results for satisfied colleagues and corporate clients 

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Educational Inititatives

That’s why the R&D efforts of our governing board of physician-directors, accountants, financial advisors, academics and health economists identified the need for integrated personal financial planning and medical practice management as an effective first step in the survival and wealth building life-cycle for physicians, nurses, healthcare executives, administrators and all medical professionals.

Now – more than ever – desperate doctors of all ages are turning to knowledge able financial advisors and medical management consultants for help. Symbiotically too, generalist advisors are finding that the mutual need for extreme niche synergy is obvious.

But, there was no established curriculum or educational program; no corpus of knowledge or codifying terms-of-art; no academic gravitas or fiduciary accountability; and certainly no identifying professional designation that demonstrated integrated subject matter expertise for the increasingly unique healthcare focused financial advisory niche … Until Now!

Enter the Certified Medical Planner™ charter professional designation


And so, for all financial services professionals interested in the fast-moving healthcare advisory space: Medical Practice and Risk Management is Now a Part of Financial Planning for Doctors

Certified Medical Planner


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FINANCE: Financial Planning for Physicians and Advisors
INSURANCE: Risk Management and Insurance Strategies for Physicians and Advisors

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2 Responses

  1. How to be a malpractice-free practice

    Over-testing to avoid lawsuits puts your patients at risk – potentially decreasing the quality of care they receive – and increases healthcare costs.

    It’s critical to manage your malpractice risk effectively, but how do you do it without placing your patients in danger?

    Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA


  2. Rosella DB

    Risk management is of paramount importance for the medical and healthcare sectors. With the goal of analyzing the most risk-oriented data, Rosella DB offers a predictive knowledge and data-mining tool to aid in analyzing the most data and factors to quote premiums and fees.



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