Vote on Election Day 2012

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The ME-P … Endorses?

Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA


President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney are essentially neck-and-neck in the homestretch to the presidential election today with considerable healthcare, economic, tax and financial consequences at stake. All are integral topics of this electronic ME-P publication.

And so, although your publisher, editors and staff seek to remain fair, neutral and balanced on the presidential election, we encourage all Medical Executive-Post readers, subscribers and visitors to vote today.


Exercise your franchise or loose it!


Election Day 2012


2 Responses

  1. VOTE

    I voted today, and so should all readers.

    Dr. Suni


  2. The 2012 Elections and 2013 — A Daunting To Do List

    As essay by Robert Laszewski



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