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iMBA Inc., and the ME-P Team

By Ann Miller RN MHA


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The www.MedicalBusinessAdvisors.com is focused solely on appraising medical practices, surgery centers [ASCs], podiatry, optometry and allied healthcare businesses.

Working with our affiliated partners, like the ME-P and others, we are also available for behemoth multi-specialty medical practices, major clinics, hospitals, related healthcare organizations and networks, and PHOs, etc.

We are backed by the expertise of dedicated appraisers and valuation analysts who are trained by the foremost organizations in our industry www.CertifiedMedicalPlanner.org

Practice owners, attorneys and accountants retain us for projects including, but not limited to the following:.

There are a Myriad of Reasons for Obtaining a Medical Practice Valuation and Appraisal Engagement

  • Outright selling-buying
  • Partnership and Associate buy-in / buy-out
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Organic growth tracking
  • Hospital integrations
  • Private and public reporting
  • Financing and Venture Capital
  • Estate and tax planning

Our Capability

We have the ability to provide extensive analysis of value components in healthcare practices and provide appraisals based on business, economic, and market conditions. This involves detailed examination of financials and clinical data in the context of numerous factors including medical specialty, physician supply and demand, payer mix, regulatory environment, regional dynamics, and risk premium.


Our methods and approaches adhere to accepted standards of healthcare practice appraisal and utilize direct market data to reach justifiable conclusions.  These are documented in a comprehensive report which is tailored to meet the need of the specific engagement.

BLUNDERS TO AVOID: Medical Practice Valuation Blunders[1]

SAMPLE ENGAGEMENTS: See partial engagement list below.


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Speaker: If you need a moderator or speaker for an upcoming event, Dr. David E. Marcinko; MBA – Publisher-in-Chief of the Medical Executive-Post – is available for seminar or speaking engagements. Contact: MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com


Thank you for your consideration

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5 Responses

  1. The http://www.MedicalBusinessAdvisors.com practice valuation and transition team can help you appraise your medical practice, develop a new associate/partner transition plan, and even help transition your patients.

    A Profitable Transition
    You can also choose how to “wind-down” or transition out of practice gracefully and economically, as you work with only select patients, on-board a new associate/partner, or sell your practice outright.

    Your Practice Business Equity
    Either way, we can help you unlock the hard-earned equity in your medical practice and ensure that your patients, and life’s work – are taken care of professionally.

    Purchasing and reviewing our books and white-papers is a great way to start. Otherwise, call or email us. today?

    Let’s Talk or e-mail
    MarcinkoAdvisors@msn.com for a free white paper.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  2. Healthcare/Pharma Information and Technology Industry Mergers and Acquisitions

    Total Transactions by Half Year and Type

    Strategic Transactions Financial Transactions:
    2011 1st Half 129 36
    2011 2nd Half 122 30
    2012 1st Half 146 52
    2012 2nd Half 146 42
    2013 1st Half 119 38

    Publication Source: Berkery Noyes


  3. What to consider before selling your practice

    Asking potential buyers these 7 questions will help determine if you are really ready to become part of a larger operation.


    Ann Miller RN MHA


  4. Determination of the Appropriate Standard of Value & Premise of Value

    Each healthcare outpatient enterprise has unique value drivers that impact the typical valuation approaches, methods, and techniques that are often utilized in determining the value of these enterprises.

    This five-part Health Capital Topics series will address these approaches, methods, and techniques, and their importance in correctly valuing outpatient enterprises.

    The first installment of this series will discuss Fair Market Value, the most prevalent standard of value in the healthcare industry, and why this is the required standard of value for most healthcare transactions. This article will also discuss the premise of value, which further defines the circumstances of the transaction, and how to determine which methods may be applicable to valuing an outpatient enterprise.

    Click to access STANDARD.pdf

    Robert James Cimasi MHA AVA CMP™


  5. Mergers Would Exceed Antitrust Guidelines in 17 States

    The American Medical Association recently published an analysis on implications of the potential Anthem-Cigna and Aetna-Humana mergers. Here are some key findings from the report:

    • The mergers would exceed antitrust guidelines in 97 metropolitan areas in 17 states.
    • A significant absence of health insurer competition was found in 70% of metropolitan areas studied.
    • In almost 40% of metropolitan areas, a single health insurer had at least a 50% share of the market.
    • Both mergers would diminish competition in up to 154 metropolitan areas within 23 states.
    • 46 states had two health insurers with at least a 50% share of the commercial health insurance market.
    • Alabama has the least competitive insurance market and Louisiana saw the biggest drop in competition.

    Source: AMA, September 8, 2015


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